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You’re working more hours, but making less money. You’re having trouble keeping your top employees. You have a vision for the future, but right now it’s hard to see past the next pay cycle. Whatever keeps you up at night, know that there are people just like you who use Spader workshops to help put their minds at ease.

Total Management 1

Have more time and make more money. Get your company on the road to increased profits, stability and growth with the Total Mangement 1  (TM1) Workshop.

Expect to leave TM1 with a clear set of principles, processes and tools to take your company to new levels of performance and profitability - and watch your work become a whole lot more enjoyable.

TM1 is a must for every decision maker, leader and key employee in your organization.

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Total Management 2

A strong culture holds the power to take any business from mediocre to stellar. The breakthrough, proprietary Total Business Success™ Model sets the foundation for this management program, developed jointly by Spader Business Management and Dr. Michael O'Connor and the Center for Managing by Values. Not only will you learn how to create and sustain a vibrant culture, but you'll also learn how to attract the right people and maximize the resources you already have.

By dissecting a case study company, you'll quickly grasp how to use TM2 to break down the challenges many businesses face in the arenas of culture and people, and how to implement more effective management practices in your company.

TM2 is a must for business owners, executives, and managers, and human resource directors.

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Effectively Leading and Managing Employees

Implement a comprehensive system to effectively manage your employees.This workshop gives managers a new suite of tools and capabilities to take an average person off the street and turn them into an above-average employee.

After implementing innovative new ways to help employees understand the most important aspects of their job, your employees will see their jobs in a new light. Then, equip yourself with one of the most powerful leadership and coaching models used all over the world to take your management skills to the next level. Finally, learn how to conduct forward-focused performance reviews to deliver results that both you and your employees feel good about.

Effectively Leading and Managing Employees is for business owners/mangers, department managers, or anyone responsible for supervising employees.

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Service Writing

Arm key service personnel with the confidence and skills to improve scheduling, information flow and selling processes.

The strength of your service writing directly determines the health of your entire service department. Spader's Service Writing Workshop helps your service department get in shape, giving you the processes, systems, and tools for powerful stability and profitability. 

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Service Management

Here's the secret to enhancing your service department: improve your people and profits with rational, process-driven, customer-focused systems. 

Your service department is where you keep the customers you worked so hard to get, and in today's environment, gain new ones. Spader uses proven systems to place this department and its unique challenges - and opportunities - in proper context and help clarify and simplify the way you manage it.

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Parts and Accessories Management

Transform your parts and accessories department into a fine-tuned profit center that manages inventory, sales and margins.

If you're like most businesses that handle loads of small-ticket inventory, your parts and accessories department is one area that struggles to be efficient. This workshop will give you the practical tools to manage parts and accessories in a coherent, predictable and profitable manner.

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Leadership Development Program

An organization is only as good as its leaders. The markets are changing faster than ever. Customers are more demanding. Employees expect more. What are you doing to keep up?

Current and future company leaders participating in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) will learn to proactively develop successors, improve the company's bench strength, develop high-potential employees and retain them.

LDP participants will be stretched to new levels of performance and challenged to develop new capabilities. Participants go back to work and are required to implement their new knowledge on the job before returning for the next session a few months later. Improvement is visible in these fast-paced, performance-focused sessions.

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